Breast Lift

The intervention for lifting breasts without prosthesis implantation, called mastopexy, is a very simple surgery that involves removing excess skin in the breasts after breastfeeding or after a major weight loss.

breast liftThe fall of the breast tissue is what is called breast ptosis and deforming primarily affects the female figure. As in all cases of breast intervention is based on the 18 when it is advisable to perform this surgery.

Also lift the breasts, it may also be necessary mastopexy with prosthesis implantation to increase breast volume.

This procedure does not preclude breastfeeding.

For mastopexy breast lift without prosthesis it is performed under sedation and assisted small incision is made in the bottom of the breast.

Breast lift technique consist components reconstruct the breast in a higher position than the found. After changing the shape and position of the breast, you have to remove extra skin that this coat without excess contours of the new breast. In making this intervention almost always rise and areolas are suited to the new breast shape.

In cases in which besides raising we also increase your breast size, it is the end of the intervention when the prosthesis, whose shape and size vary depending on the anatomy of each patient is added. In these cases the scar will only by the areola.

Approximately one week after the surgery, the patient can perform normal life, however it must wait between 5 and 7 weeks for exercise.

The medical team of Royal Aesthetic Clinic at all times monitor the patient’s progress and will indicate the most suitable postoperative treatment in each case.