Complex and multiple surgeries

Thanks to these multidisciplinary specialties Royal Aesthetic Clinic in Albir Alfaz del Pí Benidorm, has achieved to specialize in complex surgeries.
Complex surgeries as unsatisfactory surgeries, complicated surgeries and rare surgeries or infrequent surgeries.

Dr. Martín EspinosaRoyal Aesthetic Clinic is pioneer in doing multiples and complex surgeries with local anesthesia and sedation.
Frequently you can see patients that want two or three surgeries in the same surgical procedure, for example:




We are specialist in complicated surgeries like:

  • Extraction of biopolymers of face, buttocks and breasts.
  • Multiples complicated surgeries of breasts.
  • Treatment of anomalous or unaesthetic scars and keloids.face surgery
  • Unsatisfactory intimate surgeries.
  • Correction of abnormalities with threads.
  • Secondary or tertiary nose reshaping.
  • Etc.

Also what’s named rare surgeries or infrequently like:

That’s why Royal Aesthetic Clinic in Albir Alfaz del Pí Benidorm has become in a reference for the Valencian Community and Spain for the accomplishment of multiple, complex and unsatisfactory surgeries, because cosmetic medicine isn’t a static science, it’s a science with life through the hands of the surgeon who does it.