Injectables and Skin Fillers

Injectables and Skin Fillers.

Hyaluronic Acid* We use the biocompatible hyaluronic acid to remove wrinkles from the middle and lower face, as the code of perioral lip or profiled bars and the correction of nasolabial folds. The hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide absorbable in the body that brings together and sets the water in the tissues, contributing to the natural production of collagen.

* Collagen is the substance that supports the structure of the skin, and was the first material used for cosmetic purposes to give volume to the lips or eliminate wrinkles. The Collagen Filler is designed to address skin conditions associated with aging such as crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, corners of lips, cheeks contour highlight, etc. Injections or collagen filler can add volume to thin lips, facial expressions and smooth wrinkles and improve the appearance of visible scars.

* The facial mesoplasty is a very novel and effective treatment that took place in Royal Aesthetic Clinic infiltrating vitamins, hyaluronic acid and trace elements. These substances act at several different levels to exert its effect on subcutaneous tissue, dermis and epidermis, in order to restructure volumes, tighten the skin and counter key signs of aging, resulting in a bright, smooth and rich skin.