NanoFat, rejuvenation high quality and long lasting in Royal Aesthetic Clinic.

Dracula TreatmentThe Nanofat is a new type of “fatty” graft, which has become one of the new regenerative treatments or revitalizing the skin.

It involves injecting fat stem cell including very high quality.

Indeed these stem cells obtained from fat removed by liposuction minimal. Once this emulsified fat is reinjected into the areas that we want to try to rejuvenate the skin. Therefore Nanofat allows us to soften and correct wrinkles and treat skin pigmentation for a face and / or enhanced cleavage, erase dark circles, hide scars and rejuvenate hands.

Nanofat results can be seen in the medium term. This is because you need to allow time for these stem cells differentiate and stimulate and renew the skin.