Presotherapy – Radiofrequency – LPG – IPL Facial Rejuvenation


presoterapia royal aesthetic

Mechanical lymphatic drainage for tired and swollen legs.

It consists of applying pressure by air on pre-determined parts of the body, making a compression to improve the lymphatic system. This technique also recuperates the cutaneous elasticity and increases the contribution of oxygen in cell tissue.

Presotherapy is beneficial for treatment of edemas, the correction or alteration of the circulatory system and the possibility to reduce or eliminate cellulites and or prevent future formation el cellulitis.


Facial Radiofrequency produces a similar effect to a lifting, but without surgery. It is used primarily to treat flaccidity and reaffirm the skin.

It consists of the application of electro-magnetic waves, which rejuvenates the face causing:

Contraction of the skin
Improves the definition of oval face
Reduction or elimination of acne scars.
It is commonly used to treat the forehead area (lifts the eyebrows and tightens the skin), under the eyes (makes the skin thicker and tightens and lifts the skin above the cheeks), the cheeks, the oval definition of face, the neck…etc.

You can also use it to improve the results obtained by other treatments.

Microdermoabrasion diamond-tipped

This treatment is the best procedure to help the cellular renovation in a natural way, without any external aggressions of the skin. It facilitates the elimination of scars and decreasing the wrinkles and other imperfections of the skin.

It is especially indicated for the treatment of:

Facial Rejuvenation
Expressive wrinkles
Reduction of sun stains or spots
Acne scars
Stretch marks
Complement with facial vitamins
Superficial peelings
It is a great therapy when you combine them with other treatments like Radio frequency, meso-therapy, Dracula treatment, Peelings.

It is an ideal technique to maintain a young, soft and clean skin. You obtain similar results like a peeling, but deeper and less aggressive, letting you go back to daily life once the session has finished.

The immediate results are:

Rejuvenates the skin, helping the contribution of nutrients and cell oxygenation and the formation of collagen.
Reduces the expressive wrinkles, especially after various sessions
Improves the oily, acne and seborrhea skins.
Eliminates blackheads, black and white points, pimples and cysts of miliums.
Reduces acne scars and stretch marks
Reduces the intensity of sun spots


It consists of draining to improve the blood circulation and reduce volume of arms, back, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs. Thanks to the massage of the roller, we will reduce the liquid retention and boost remodeling of the body and eliminate cellulites.

To maintain and improve the effects, it is recommended to drink 2 L of water a day for a better drain effect, do exercise and maintain a healthy diet.



The facial rejuvenation with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a treatment that eliminates the aging signs of the skin like sun spots, wrinkles and facial veins.

The Intense Pulsed Light emits an intense light that energizes the deepest layers of the skin to gradually improve the tone and texture of the skin.

This treatment is not aggressive and 3 to 10 sessions are recommended.

The lifting without surgery a success for its incredible results

The Lifting without surgery using Aptos threads or thread lift is a very effective way to eliminate sagging face and neck technique.

With the application of Aptos threads or tensioners, we delay the aging caused by sagging.

Below we present a video where you can see the result: