Gastric Balloon

The intragastric balloon (also known as gastric balloon) is a treatment for obesity that is done without surgery and with a quick intervention by placing a silicone balloon in the stomach by endoscopy, which is filled with saline wáter and blue methylene.

The ball produces a permanent state of satiety, so the patient eats moderately. Here is precisely the success of the intragastric balloon, the patient feel satisfied that the food intake is reduced Gastric Balloonand therefore the leftover kilos lost.

It is performed under local anaesthetic with sedation.

This technique is appropriate for people who need to lose more than 10 kilos and other methods have failed, mainly diets.

The intragastric balloon remains lodged in the stomach for about six months, the patient live a absolutely normal life following a control by specialists in Royal Aesthetic Clinic for implementing dietary habits to ensure a rich and balanced diet.