Lap Band

The gastric band is the most effective surgical problems to treat severe or morbid obesity , with an index bigger than 40 (BMI ) .

lapbandThe operation consists of placing a ring of silicone , around the stomach , reducing the capacity of the stomach to approximately thirty milliliters . It is done by laparoscopic surgery through a camera and with minimal scarring .
The gastric band is an implant designed so that the patient can keep it for life. However it can be removed if required by laparoscopy , with the advantage that the stomach remains intact. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

After surgery the patient is discharged from the hospital within 24 hours and within days can live a normal life (4 or 5 days).

After surgery , the medical team in Royal Aesthetic Clinic performs a comprehensive patient monitoring for new healthier eating habits are acquired. The patient then follow the guidelines given by the endocrinologists, dermatologists and psychologists in our clinic.