Ageing with dignity

Ageing is just part of the process of being human. Ageing is inevitable, and it is good to assume that with the passing of time the body changes and is transformed. But to assume that the passage of the time does not have to mean resignation.

Some famous people claim to be totally opposed to cosmetic surgery and defend that they want to age with dignity, but if we take a look at them, few really look their age. Because one thing is the excesses of the cosmetic surgery that some actresses and actors undertake, which make their faces end up expressionless and chillingly similar, but another thing and very different is to perform aesthetic medical treatments or even small cosmetic touch-ups to look good and feel comfortable with themselves.

Don´t we go to the gym to take care of our body so it continues to look toned and beautiful? Don´t we buy face creams that promise to help us look younger, and don´t we do beauty treatments with our most trusted beautician? Ageing with dignity does not mean resigning or neglecting but maintaining a natural aspect without giving up looking after oneself and looking as good on the outside as on the inside.

Ageing, but slower, thanks to aesthetic medicine

If a beautician´s care can help to better skin condition, aesthetic medicine can go a step further. Aesthetic medicine comprises the most advanced treatments in rejuvenation without a scalpel, although they should always be applied under the supervision of medical professionals.

An example are the fillers that are made with a patient’s own fat, rich in stem cells, and that softens wrinkles in a totally natural way. In addition, it stimulates the regeneration of the skin, making spots and scars fade. These fillers are also useful for correcting eye bags or for rejuvenating hands.

Peelings made with aesthetic medicine techniques are much more effective than those made in beauty centres, and often less aggressive to the skin.

Do not be afraid of cosmetic surgery

As you age, wrinkles are becoming more and more marked and there comes a time when aesthetic medicine cannot correct the deepest marks. It is time to consider resorting to cosmetic surgery.

Despite the bad press that some have made about face lifts, it is a very safe technique that helps to eliminate wrinkles and that makes the face firmer, but which does not have to change the facial expression. That is something that only happens when either performed by bad professionals or when compulsively used or surgically abused.

In addition to face lifts there are other techniques to rejuvenate not only the face, but also the body, always retaining a natural but much younger appearance. So ageing with dignity does not mean having to pretend your age.

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