Intervew with our surgeon about the ambulatory surgery, cirufast.

Royal Aesthetic Clinic Team is directed by Dr. Martín Espinosa, who has more than 20 years of experience. He has been researching in order to develop a less traumatic and painless surgery method. That is how the new concept: Cirufast was created. This is known as a short lasting, simple, and ambulatory surgery that can be carried out in around the 80% of all surgical procedures.

We have decided to publish his last interview so you can get to know him and this type of surgery better.

How did you come out with the idea of Cirufast?

Hidrolipoclasia: Liposuction

I have spent many years working as a doctor performing surgeries while thinking about the way to make these procedures more practical for both the patient and the medical team. That is why I decided to find the solution. I realized that thanks to my knowledge and experience I was able to perform surgeries without having the patient hospitalized for the recovery process. This technique requires truly experienced surgeons and medical teams.

What procedures can benefit from this new technique?

An 80% of all surgeries like: reduction of body fat from the jowls, rhinoplasty, brow lift and the gastric balloon between others.

What are the benefits of this type of surgery?

The greatest benefit is that the patient is treated using local anesthesia and set in a fully relaxed state. This way, the risks of using general anesthesia are avoided and the patient can go back home that same day to start the recovery process.

For the medical team it is also highly beneficial. I always perform the surgeries with the same team and in the same operating room. One room I know so well that I could be there even with my eyes shut. Some time ago, I had to go from hospital to hospital to lead different medical staffs; now I truly know my team.

What happens if there is an incident before the patient goes home?

Nothing will happen. The patient is sent home one or two hours after the surgery. When we do so, we tell them what to do at home and we always have a permanent medical team on duty in case of emergency. Nowadays, everything is faster with the new technologies. Any of the patient’s concerns gets to us in a short time and we can have access to images and videos of the problem by communicating with the patient in the same moment. This service is available 24 hours.

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