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Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, a problem with a solution. Excessive sweating or hype-respiration can be problematic. It occurs when a person, without any apparent reason, begins to sweat excessively. It does not matter if the temperature is cool and you don´t necessarily have to...

the perfect body

Get the perfect body: get rid off localized fat. Perhaps your definition of a perfect body changes once you have reached the goal of having the healthy weight recommended by a doctor. After slimming you have to give the body some time to settle and recover, since when...

Breast reduction

Breast reduction 5 important points to be aware of 1) Definitive results of breast reductions will not be seen for up to six months or even a year after the operation. It is important to bear in mind, since any inflammation in the area of the ​​breast tissue can last...

Myths about acne and solutions

Acne is a problem that a large proportion of adolescents have to face during one stage of their lives, but many adults do too. It is a serious aesthetic problem, but can also be painful and can cause skin infections. That is why it needs to be treated with the best...

Protruding Ears – Operating protruding ears is easy

Protruding ears is the term by which the ears are generally known, when they are pushed forward away from the head. This makes them appear larger than normal and gives the face an unattractive appearance. This type of ears cause many children and adolescents to be...

Well proportioned legs, the dream of many women

Well proportioned legs is the goal to be achieved for many women, but it must be recognized that it is an especially complicated part of the body to work with. If a woman is not born with nice calves, it can be difficult to achieve as exercise just develops muscles,...

Do you know that a magic face-lift existed?

The magic face-lift is a technique patented by the Royal Aesthetic Clinic that is a great improvement over conventional lifts. The face-lift is one of the "fixes" that men and women perform more frequently to look younger and win the battle over age. The classic...

Cosmetic surgery also knows about fashion (I)

Cosmetic surgery knows about fashion as well as knowing about the textile and accessory industries. Fashion influences the way men and women´s bodies are seen, although it is much more evident in the latter. Therefore for example, the most common operations carried...

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