The Hydrolipoclasy, what is this treatment based in?

The Hydrolipoclasy favors the elimination of the accumulated fat of the different areas of the body. It is a less invasive aesthetic treatment and much in demand in recent years. The areas to be treated should be determined, and once studied and marked, physiological...

The Lipolaser, the technique to obtain your dream body

Lipolaser is a fast and effective surgical technique. The Lipolaser is part of liposuction, as one of the most effective and quick treatments for extracting excess fat . Once the areas to be treated have been determined, small incisions will be made. Fine cannulas...

The benefits of facial vitamins

Facial vitamins is one of the most nutritious current aesthetic treatments. Its function is to provide vitamins to the dermis, exposed to innumerable external agents, such as UV rays, pollution and lack of hydration. Facial vitamins revitalize and moisturize the face...

The accurate treatment to eliminate Spider veins

Spider veins are small inflamed capillaries that usually occur when the veins begin to weaken or to become damaged. The inflammation of the veins is due to various factors such as lack of physical exercise, genetics, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, excessive heat or...

Facial Lipofilling, the technique to fill your wrinkles

Facial lipofilling is a new technique that revolutioned the facial rejuvenation, this method wants to fill those small wrinkles from the face or to fill the cheeks with a natural and looking way. Facial lipofilling is a technique who allows you to fill or increase...

CIRUFAST or fast recovery surgery

In Royal Aesthetic Clinic we commit ourselves with our patients to always offer them the most innovative techniques. For this reason our team has developed a new concept, CIRUFAST, ambulatory surgery, simple and quick recovery. Thanks to these new techniques our...

The chest reduction in men or gynecomastia.

One of the most common aesthetic problems among men is adipomastia (pseudoginecomastia). Adipomastia is the hypertrophy of male breasts, it can be caused by hormonal problems in the wake of adolescence, by the use of some medications or by the use of steroids or...

Christmas Beauty Presents

From today 17th December and until the 17th of January, enjoy our Christmas Beauty Presents! Treat yourself or your beloveds with the Christmas Beauty Presents from Royal Aesthetic Clinic. We offer: A pack of botox (3 areas), Dracula treatment and infiltration for...

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