What are suitable threads?

Fit threads are a very effective rejuvenation system without the need for surgery. The Royal Aesthetic clinic has been a pioneer in performing aesthetic medicine treatments with suitable threads. Both performance and results have been compared with Botox in the sense...

Ear Reshaping

Ear Reshaping, Plastic surgery of the ear is called otoplasty and aims to approximate the ears to the head and / or modify the shape and size. The ear reshaping or pinned ears is an intervention realized more often in children from four to fourteen years, although...

Tummy Tuck have a flatter and firmer abdomen

The surgery of the abdomen or tummy tuck is an operation that consist in the extirpation of excess skin, abdominal fat and the correction of muscle flaccidity. This situation of excess skin and relaxation of the abdominal wall usually occurs in patients who have had...

Facial Proportions Matter

We have talked about the perfect nose and the importance that the face in general has an ideal shape and size. But the proportions are not only important when we talk about the nose, but are also important when we talk about the rest of the factions too. That is why,...

Ageing With Dignity

Ageing with dignity Ageing is just part of the process of being human. Ageing is inevitable, and it is good to assume that with the passing of time the body changes and is transformed. But to assume that the passage of the time does not have to mean resignation. Some...

The Perfect Nose For Each Face.

The perfect nose for each face Nose operations are the most performed for both men and women. In some cases, they are only carried out because of a health problem, as a deviation of the nasal septum can prevent correct breathing. But in most cases, aesthetics is the...

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