The Royal Aesthetic Clinic performs a wide range of medical and
surgical treatments, under local anesthesia and relaxation, on an ambulatory
surgery, risk-free, and in a quick and pleasant way. This techniques are named Cirufast.
Dr. Martin Espinosa and his medical team, with more than 20 years of
experience investigating how to perform surgeries in a less traumatic and
painful way, have developed a new concept; CIRUFAST. A “fast surgery”,
known for being uncomplicated, quick and on an ambulatory surgery. Nearly
80% of surgeries can be performed this way:


Fatty Graft Removal, to bleach the eye bags in a
long-term period.





Remove fat from jawline definitely and dewlap.


Buccal Fat Pad removal, performed on an ambulatory surgery.

Sometimes can be combined with profilofast to achieve better results.


Thickening and lengthening of the penis on an ambulatory surgery.




Keloids and abnormal scars treatment




Fast Rhinoplasty on an ambulatory surgery







Ear reshaping surgery on an ambulatory surgery.




Rejuvenating and narrowing the vaginal canal on an ambulatory surgery, sometimes combined with clitoriplasty, labiaplasty, etc.






Clitoriplasty, Labiaplasty or other vaginal anomalies.


  • Upper eyelid ambulatory surgery (60 minutes approx.)
  • Lower eyelid ambulatory surgery (90 minutes approx.)
  • Transconjunctival eyelid ambulatory surgery (90 minutes approx.)
  • Lower and Upper eyelid ambulatory surgery (120 minutes approx.)




Definite removal fat technique on an ambulatory surgery.

  • Liposuction
  • Hidrolipoclasy
  • Lipolaser
  • Etc.



Buttock fat transfer augmentation.





Love handles, hips and round the buttock area liposuction, to project the buttock. Combined with non-resorbable threads and sometimes, depending on each case, also lipotransfer fat to the buttock. Performed on an ambulatory surgery.





Mini Arm lift on an ambulatory surgery




Lip augmentation using definite skin graft.

It can be performed in both lips or just in the upper or lower.




Permanent lip enhancement using silicone implants on an ambulatory surgery.





face lift benidorm

Complete facial treatment. Sometimes, depending on the patients need,  combined with Dracula treatment, biodegradable infiltration product, profilofast,  botox, etc.


Royal Aesthetic Clinic performs a Macroliposuction clinic that allows a patient to lose up to 30kg.

The patient underwent gastric sleeve 3 years ago in another clinic. The Unit Team of Obesity Clinic Advanced Germanias, led by Dr. Francisco Javier Martin Espinosa, has operated to the patient of 30 years old in the Quirón clinic, with the technique of...
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Give volume and hydration to your lips with these techniques

Lip augmentation is a treatment that has been being used frequently in recent years. Many women come to the query to obtain a higher contour and higher volume in his lips. There are different techniques to increase the lips, these techiques can be permanent or...
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Prepare your skin before summer with these simple tips

Prepare your skin before summer with these simple tips and treatments: Drink a lot of water. At this time of year we will tend to sweat more because of the excess of heat and high temperatures. Therefore, we recommend drink more water, even if we are not thirsty....
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Eyebrow Lifting will enhance your look

Over the years, or for genetic or hereditary reasons, men and women might suffer from skin decay around the eyes and forehead, causing their skin to descend slightly. Eyebrow Lifting is the most indicated surgery to improve the arch and the position in which of the...
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Macroliposuction, a complex but effective technique

The macroliposuction is one of the most developed techniques in the UOA (Advanced Obesity Unit) of Dr. Martín Espinosa with more than 20 years of experience and more than 500 macroliposuction performed alone or combined with other techniques for obesity such as: the...
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The Hydrolipoclasy, what is this treatment based in?

The Hydrolipoclasy favors the elimination of the accumulated fat of the different areas of the body. It is a less invasive aesthetic treatment and much in demand in recent years. The areas to be treated should be determined, and once studied and marked, physiological...
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The Lipolaser, the technique to obtain your dream body

Lipolaser is a fast and effective surgical technique. The Lipolaser is part of liposuction, as one of the most effective and quick treatments for extracting excess fat . Once the areas to be treated have been determined, small incisions will be made. Fine cannulas...
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The benefits of facial vitamins

Facial vitamins is one of the most nutritious current aesthetic treatments. Its function is to provide vitamins to the dermis, exposed to innumerable external agents, such as UV rays, pollution and lack of hydration. Facial vitamins revitalize and moisturize the face...
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The accurate treatment to eliminate Spider veins

Spider veins are small inflamed capillaries that usually occur when the veins begin to weaken or to become damaged. The inflammation of the veins is due to various factors such as lack of physical exercise, genetics, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, excessive heat or...
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Facial Lipofilling, the technique to fill your wrinkles

Facial lipofilling is a new technique that revolutioned the facial rejuvenation, this method wants to fill those small wrinkles from the face or to fill the cheeks with a natural and looking way. Facial lipofilling is a technique who allows you to fill or increase...
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