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The Royal Aesthetic Clinic performs a wide range of medical and
surgical treatments, under local anesthesia and relaxation, on an ambulatory
surgery, risk-free, and in a quick and pleasant way. This techniques are named Cirufast.
Dr. Martin Espinosa and his medical team, with more than 20 years of
experience investigating how to perform surgeries in a less traumatic and
painful way, have developed a new concept; CIRUFAST. A “fast surgery”,
known for being uncomplicated, quick and on an ambulatory surgery. Nearly
80% of surgeries can be performed this way:


Fatty Graft Removal, to bleach the eye bags in a
long-term period.





Remove fat from jawline definitely and dewlap.


Buccal Fat Pad removal, performed on an ambulatory surgery.

Sometimes can be combined with profilofast to achieve better results.


Thickening and lengthening of the penis on an ambulatory surgery.




Keloids and abnormal scars treatment




Fast Rhinoplasty on an ambulatory surgery







Ear reshaping surgery on an ambulatory surgery.




Rejuvenating and narrowing the vaginal canal on an ambulatory surgery, sometimes combined with clitoriplasty, labiaplasty, etc.






Clitoriplasty, Labiaplasty or other vaginal anomalies.


  • Upper eyelid ambulatory surgery (60 minutes approx.)
  • Lower eyelid ambulatory surgery (90 minutes approx.)
  • Transconjunctival eyelid ambulatory surgery (90 minutes approx.)
  • Lower and Upper eyelid ambulatory surgery (120 minutes approx.)




Definite removal fat technique on an ambulatory surgery.

  • Liposuction
  • Hidrolipoclasy
  • Lipolaser
  • Etc.



Buttock fat transfer augmentation.





Love handles, hips and round the buttock area liposuction, to project the buttock. Combined with non-resorbable threads and sometimes, depending on each case, also lipotransfer fat to the buttock. Performed on an ambulatory surgery.





Mini Arm lift on an ambulatory surgery




Lip augmentation using definite skin graft.

It can be performed in both lips or just in the upper or lower.




Permanent lip enhancement using silicone implants on an ambulatory surgery.





face lift benidorm

Complete facial treatment. Sometimes, depending on the patients need,  combined with Dracula treatment, biodegradable infiltration product, profilofast,  botox, etc.


Delay facial and skin ageing thanks to the lifting without surgery.

One of the most demanded medical-aesthetic treatments of the moment is the face lift without surgery, since it treats the sagging of the face and the neck in a non-invasive way. Over the years due to ageing and the effect of gravity, the skin shows more and more...
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The Lipobanding, the best help to lose weight and volume

The lipobanding is an innovative technique developed and patented by Dr. Martín Espinosa. It is a recommended technique for those patients who, in addition to wanting to lose a lot of fat, also want to lose weight. The most suitable cases are patients suffering from...
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Royal Aesthetic Clinic now colaborates with Dr. Vricella

At Royal Aesthetic Clinic our main objective is to offer our patients the most professional care and that is why every day we innovate and expand our team with the best professionals, this time with Dr. Vricella. It is a pleasure for us to announce that our team of...
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Black Friday in Royal Aesthetic Clinic

The Best Offers for black Friday in Royal Aesthetic Clinic. The best Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery in Benidorm.
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Mentoplasty, one of the solutions to improve your profile appearance.

Plastic or aesthetic surgery refers to the one that covers all types of interventions, from body surgeries to facials. Among the facial techniques the most known are the liftings, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation or eyelid surgery, but there is also a very simple...
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If you want to show off a nice breast, do not hesitate, the augmentation mammoplasty is the solution.

Breast enlargement, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is one of the most well-known and performed surgeries today. The objective of this intervention is to increase the size of the breast thanks to the doctor placing implants of gel, silicone or serum. The most...
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Correct facial injuries with aesthetic medicine treatments.

Aesthetic medicine is a very broad field and there are many different types of treatments to correct the defects and imperfections of the skin such as sun spots, acne marks, solar keratosis, couperose... Skin lesions, especially when they are on the face, can cause...
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Rejuvenate your intimate areas with intimate female surgery.

The female labialplasty or intimate female surgery is used to reduce the size of the female genitalia, the labia minora and / or major labia. Patients are interested in this surgery when they suffer from hypertrophy, asymmetry or having female genitals of an excessive...
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The Eyebrow Lift in Benidorm

The eyebrow lift in Benidorm is done when the patient's eyebrows are dropped, either by genetics or ageing. This operation corrects the position of the eyebrows and reduces the amount of skin that the patient can have in the upper eyelids. It is...
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Get Rid of the Localised Fat with the Liposuction per Areas.

Our body naturally accumulates fat in some areas of our body. Depending on the patient the fat can be accumulated in different areas. This fat is normally very difficult to eliminate. The liposuction per areas eliminates de accumulated fat and it can be performed in...
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