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The Royal Aesthetic Clinic performs a wide range of medical and
surgical treatments, under local anesthesia and relaxation, on an ambulatory
surgery, risk-free, and in a quick and pleasant way. This techniques are named Cirufast.
Dr. Martin Espinosa and his medical team, with more than 20 years of
experience investigating how to perform surgeries in a less traumatic and
painful way, have developed a new concept; CIRUFAST. A “fast surgery”,
known for being uncomplicated, quick and on an ambulatory surgery. Nearly
80% of surgeries can be performed this way:


Fatty Graft Removal, to bleach the eye bags in a
long-term period.





Remove fat from jawline definitely and dewlap.


Buccal Fat Pad removal, performed on an ambulatory surgery.

Sometimes can be combined with profilofast to achieve better results.


Thickening and lengthening of the penis on an ambulatory surgery.




Keloids and abnormal scars treatment




Fast Rhinoplasty on an ambulatory surgery







Ear reshaping surgery on an ambulatory surgery.




Rejuvenating and narrowing the vaginal canal on an ambulatory surgery, sometimes combined with clitoriplasty, labiaplasty, etc.






Clitoriplasty, Labiaplasty or other vaginal anomalies.


  • Upper eyelid ambulatory surgery (60 minutes approx.)
  • Lower eyelid ambulatory surgery (90 minutes approx.)
  • Transconjunctival eyelid ambulatory surgery (90 minutes approx.)
  • Lower and Upper eyelid ambulatory surgery (120 minutes approx.)




Definite removal fat technique on an ambulatory surgery.

  • Liposuction
  • Hidrolipoclasy
  • Lipolaser
  • Etc.



Buttock fat transfer augmentation.





Love handles, hips and round the buttock area liposuction, to project the buttock. Combined with non-resorbable threads and sometimes, depending on each case, also lipotransfer fat to the buttock. Performed on an ambulatory surgery.





Mini Arm lift on an ambulatory surgery




Lip augmentation using definite skin graft.

It can be performed in both lips or just in the upper or lower.




Permanent lip enhancement using silicone implants on an ambulatory surgery.





face lift benidorm

Complete facial treatment. Sometimes, depending on the patients need,  combined with Dracula treatment, biodegradable infiltration product, profilofast,  botox, etc.


Different Treatments to Eliminate Thread Veins and Varicose Veins

Our veins have a system of valves responsable of preventing that the blood can be accumulated in our lower limbs due to gravity. They also facilitate the work of the heart moving the blood up again. When this valves atrophy, the blood is accumulated in the veins and...
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The Abdominal Marking, achieve the results you want.

The Abdominal Marking is a fine technique that highlight the abdominal muscles. This procedure that can be performed in both men and women. The Abdominal Marking consists in defining the lateral and central mark of the abdomen, simulating the straight and oblique...
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The Gastric Band, an Effective Method for Weight Loss.

The gastric band is a bariatric technique, that means it is used to produce the weight loss. It consists on placing around the upper part of the stomach an adjustable band by laparoscopy. How does the gastric band work? As we have explained, the gastric band is placed...
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The Face Lift and the Different Techniques to Perform it.

The Face Lift has been used along the years and thanks to that it has been evolving and new techniques has been developed to obtain similar results. Some techniques are permanent and some others are temporary. All these techniques focus on stretching the skin and...
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Lose weight easily with the intragastric balloon

The Intragastric Balloon is one of the newest and less invasive techniques for weightloss. It is used to help people who finds difficulties to lose weight with diets or supplements. This intervention its not recommended for all cases. Therefore, before choosing this...
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Different Techniques of Gluteoplasty or Buttock Augmentation

The rounded and projected buttock has remained in the canons of beauty throughout history, both in men and women. Gluteoplasty is the surgical procedure used to reshape the buttock in order to acquire the rounded and projected shape. It is performed in men and women...
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Enhance one of the most important fractions with rhinoplasty in Alicante

Rhinoplasty in Alicante is one of the most demanded surgeries by both men and women, and that is because the nose is a very important part of the face, being one of the fractions we see in a person. In many cases the discomfort with the nose can cause some patients...
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Ambulatory surgery, achieve your goals without hospitalitation with Cirufast

Intervew with our surgeon about the ambulatory surgery, cirufast. Royal Aesthetic Clinic Team is directed by Dr. Martín Espinosa, who has more than 20 years of experience. He has been researching in order to develop a less traumatic and painless surgery method. That...
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The newest lifting without surgery, the thread lift.

With the aging, the skin loses its qualities such as luminosity and vitality due to the lack of collagen and elastin production. This produces flaccidity, the skin falls off little by little and creates an appearance of tiredness and fatigue. We all want to recover...
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The Cheekbones Increase with Autogenous Fat | Royal Aesthetic

The cheekbones are one of the fractions that can give more personality to a woman's face. In older patients, the cheekbones increase can intensify the look of the eyes, especially in cases in which the patient has sunken eyes. Having underdeveloped cheekbones can...
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