Aesthetic medicine is a very broad field and there are many different types of treatments to correct the defects and imperfections of the skin such as sun spots, acne marks, solar keratosis, couperose…

Skin lesions, especially when they are on the face, can cause many complexes and in most cases are difficult to disguise. For this reason, aesthetic medicine has developed several types of specific treatments for each imperfection.

What procedures exist in aesthetic medicine to treat these injuries?

In summary, the most important and known treatments or procedures are the following.

For the spots and the smoothness of the skin the most used are glycemic or salicylic acid peelings. They are superficial peelings.

For melasmas or chloasmas the most recommended are depigmenting masks.

When treating solar keratosis, couperose or ruby ​​points, a multidiode laser is used in which intensity is adjusted in a specific way depending on the imperfection to be treated.

If what the patient needs is to increase the collagen to regenerate the skin and make it more hydrated and elastic, superficial or medium intensity peelings of TCA are recommended.

The best time to perform the treatments mentioned above is winter, because after such treatments the skin is fragile and you have to be careful with exposure to the sun and take care especially as the specialist tells you.

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