One of the most demanded medical-aesthetic treatments of the moment is the face lift without surgery, since it treats the sagging of the face and the neck in a non-invasive way. Over the years due to ageing and the effect of gravity, the skin shows more and more falling. For this reason it has been investigated for years until getting a technique of painless aesthetic medicine to improve flaccidity without having to undergo surgery.

Currently there are several types of techniques to perform the face lift without surgery, one of the best known is the one that applies the use of the famous apt threads. These threads enhance the luminosity and vitality of the skin thanks to its high contribution of collagen and elastin.

At Royal Aesthetic Clinic we perform the face lift without surgery with reabsorbable sutures that are placed diagonally by the vectors of ageing and knotted in the upper part of the ear so that it is hidden between the hair. In this way, the sutures hold the weight of the skin and the flaccidity is eliminated. This can be combined with a small liposuction to stylise the jaw.

thread liftIn addition to the physical effect of holding the skin, the sutures release collagen and elastin, which are the main responsible for returning to the face the natural shine. The placement of the threads takes about 20 or 30 minutes. A local anaesthetic is applied so that the patient feels absolutely nothing and when they have been placed the patient will be able to continue with his routine.

This lifting is generally suitable for all cases, but we recommend that you always ask a surgeon first.

The effects of the lifting without surgery last between 3 and 5 years, depending on the sutures used and the patient.

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