Ear Reshaping, Plastic surgery of the ear is called otoplasty and aims to approximate the ears to the head and / or modify the shape and size.

ear reshapingThe ear reshaping or pinned ears is an intervention realized more often in children from four to fourteen years, although occasionally also young people and adults request it.

Its correction can be more or less complex, depending on that if it’s only to pin the ears or if also alterations of the shape exists. In both cases it is realized across an incision on the back, leaving practically an invisible scar.

From this incision the surgeon remodels the cartilage folding it in the places needed, reduces the depth of the conch and dries the remaining skin if necessary. In spite of its apparent simplicity, it is a surgery that needs delicacy and meticulousness to not create unnecessary tucks and anomalous edges.

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation and does not need of hospitalization, in some cases only with local anesthesia is sufficient.



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Nose Reshaping

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