Eyebrow lift in benidorm

Over the years, or for genetic or hereditary reasons, men and women might suffer from skin decay around the eyes and forehead, causing their skin to descend slightly.

Eyebrow Lifting is the most indicated surgery to improve the arch and the position in which of the eyebrows. It is a simple surgical technique and very flattering for those who suffer from the frontal area of ​​the face right up the eyes.

Eyebrows are a very important part, since they help us to frame the look of the face.

The descending position of the eyebrow can affect a single one or both eyebrows. Generating a look of sadness and weariness.

Eyebrow lift can also be combined with upper blepharoplasty to obtain better results.

In many cases, when the classical upper blepharoplasty technique is combined with the brow lift, the results are maximized, but when the causing (eyebrow drop) is just camouflaged by blepharoplasty (direct excision of the upper eyelid skin), the results, though acceptable are not so good.

On what is the procedure based?

In the Eyebrow Lifting, a small incision is made over the eyebrows, as close as possible to the hair. The excess skin is removed. and eyebrow slightly lift. With this technique, the scar will remain invisible inside the own hair. The results of this surgical procedure are very favorable.

The intervention is ambulatory with local anesthesia and / or relaxation
on an outpatient basis. The patient can return home once completed, and perform their daily activities next days.

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