The face lift is a surgical procedure to improve the visible sign of aging of the face and neck.

The facial face lift cannot stop the aging process, but it can improve the most visible signs of the aging, by tightening the deepestface lift benidormstructures, readapting the skin of face and neck and the eradication of chosen areas of fat.

The same way as the individual ages, the skin and the muscles of the region of the face begin to lose tone.

A facelift can be realized lonely or with other procedures like eyebrow lifting, liposuction, eyelids surgery or nasal surgery.

The facelift is individualized for every patient. The best candidate for a facial face lift is the one that has a face and neck that have begun to relax but whose skin has elasticity.

Before deciding to do surgery, think carefully about its expectations and speak with the surgeon first. The best candidates for a facial face lift are those persons that understands perfectly the nature of the procedure and its expectations are realistic on the awaited results, you present yourself physically healthy and psychologically stable and whose skin maintains even certain elasticity.



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