The forehead lifting in Benidorm is performed when there are many wrinkles in the forehead and the patient wants to achieve a permanent result and with no need of retouches, as it will be if he uses dermal fillers. This intervention rejuvenates the patient’s features by smoothing the forehead, raising the position of the eyebrows and reducing frown lines.

This surgery can be confused with brow lift because they have very similar results, but they do not end up being the same. We will explain the brow lift in the next post.


How is the forehead lifting in Benidorm performed and what scars does it leave?

forehead lifting in benidormThe most suitable patients to perform this intervention are people aged 45 or older, since in general it is from that age onwards that the flaccidity can be reflected in the forehead and a stronger solution than the fillers is needed to rejuvenate the area.

To perform the face lift in Benidorm, the surgeon will make an incision just behind the hairline.

Through this incision the excess of tissues and skin is removed and the skin stretched upwards so that the eyebrows are raised and the horizontal wrinkles are corrected.

Finally, the incision is closed with non-absorbable sutures that will be removed after 7/14 days depending on the evolution of the patient.


There are two types of sutures, those that are not reabsorbable, which are the most suitable for all external scars, and resorbable sutures, which are used primarily in the internal areas or in external areas when the patient can not return to remove the stitches.


The post operative is very simple, as we said the stitches are removed a short time later and a cream will be used so the scar gets almost invisible. As the scar is performed behind the hairline, it won’t be visible at first sight.forehead wrinkles

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