Our body naturally accumulates fat in some areas of our body. Depending on the patient the fat can be accumulated in different areas. This fat is normally very difficult to eliminate. The liposuction per areas eliminates de accumulated fat and it can be performed in small and big areas and also in several areas at the same time.

The liposuction per areas is normally performed in the abdomen, love handles, hips or legs. But it can be also done in the dewlap, arms, wrists and ankles. The fat extracted does not grow again naturally, but if the patient does not have a balanced diet and a healthy life style with time the body will generate new cells of fat and the patient will gain volume again.


Liposuction is not recommended to patients who want to loose weight, but for those who want to loose volume. The days after the intervention, due to the inflammation, the weight can be increased, but it will go down as the inflammation disappears. The surgeon is not able to assure how much weight you can loose with this intervention.

How is the liposuction per areas performed?

The liposuction per areas can be performed under local anaesthesia and relaxation in a private clinic. It is a very simple intervention and it is performed doing a small incision in the area to be treated. A liposuction canule connected to a vacuum machine is introduced on that incision to absorb the fat tissue. The only scar resulting is a small one where the incision was done, but in most of the cases this scar is completely invisible.

There are different techniques to perform the liposuction per areas. They are divided depending on how the fat cell is broken.

Between other techniques the most used to break the fat cells are the lipolaser, vibroliposuction or with syringe.

Post Operative.

After the liposuction the patient has to be some days without making any big efforts.

The patient will wear a compression bandage all the day at least for one week. Depending on the evolution the doctor will recommend to continue using the bandage all day or to reduce the use to some hours every day. The bandage is used to help the skin to get fastened to the muscle so the body does not produce seroma.

The stitches of the incisions (normally just one stitch per incision) have to be taken off after 7 days.

Can the liposuction be combined with other techniques?

Liposuction is a very simple intervention and it can be combined with others. As the breast reduction, to eliminate fat from under the breast or underarms. With the buttock augmentation to give it more projection or with the tummy tuck to eliminate fat from the love handles or back to achieve more natural results.

Liposuction per areas

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