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Intimate surgery may seem something that only movie stars do, however, in Spain, more interventions of this type have been carried out more than, for example, chin reductions which might seem more normal.

The fashion of integral hair removal has made many women feel more aware of their intimate area and possible cosmetic problems in this zone. One of the most common is the fact that the small lips protrude and hang out, being visible outside the larger lips.

This problem can be corrected easily, with an operation that cuts out everything left over from the skin of the lower lips, reducing their size and making them aesthetically more beautiful. All this without hospitalization and with a very simple post-operative.

Intimate surgery: Lips that create complexes

Although the smaller lips are the ones that create the greatest complexes in women, it can also happen that the larger lips cause the problem. Either because they are too big, too small or because they are not symmetrical.

It is possible to correct the size of these lips and give them shape to make the outer part of the intimate area much more beautiful and regular. These intimate augmentation or reduction surgery interventions are known by the name of labioplasty.

For this purpose you can also intervene the pubic area to extract an excess of fat that can become very ugly. Of course, there are different definitive hair removal alternatives for this area.

Having good sex is important for many women who, suffering a strong complex in this area end up having problems in their intimate life. Aesthetic interventions can be a great help in achieving the required appearance and offers complete security to women.

Intimate surgery: hymen, something not talked about

In these times it might seem that the hymen is no longer of great importance, but that is not so in certain sectors of society. That is why some women like to reconstruct their hymen in cosmetic surgery centers that have intimate surgery on their menu.

The hymen is not only broken when having sex, it can be broken by practicing sport, by a fall and so on. Its reconstruction is really simple and there are many more cases of girls who undergo this technique than is actually believed.

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