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The lip implant is among the methods that exist to increase the volume of the lips, it is one of the most innovative. It is a solid but soft silicone prosthesis. This feature makes it possible to avoid spilling fluid from the prosthesis, the lip implant being one of the safest methods among all those that exist. The insertion of this prosthesis in the upper and lower lip (or in only one of the lips) allows a permanent and natural result.

During the pre-treatment examination, the surgeon will decide, along with the patient, the length and volume of the lips, so that they are in harmony with the rest of the face. There are, in fact, several sizes of prostheses that allow to avoid unpleasant surprises after the intervention, such as the so-called “duck lip”. It is possible, therefore, to anticipate what will be the final result with the operation.

What is the lip implant procedure?

The labial implant surgery is relatively simple and takes about an hour. First, the surgeon makes small incisions in the lips. Generally, the incisions are made in the corners of the mouth, but they can be made in other parts of the lips, depending on the specific technique used.

Then, the surgeon creates a thin tunnel to accommodate the implant. Creating this tunnel properly is essential to ensure that the labial implant is positioned correctly and provides a smooth and natural-looking result. The surgeon then inserts the implant into the lip and traverses it with it. Finally, the implant of the lips is cut in the correct length and the incisions are closed.

Dr. Martin Espinosa was the first surgeon to perform the lip implant in Spain with success. We leave the article so you can read more about it.

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