The Lipogastric® technique developed and patented by Royal Aesthetic Clinic is performing the same operation on a Macroliposuction and implementation of an intragastric balloon (also known as gastric balloon), which helps extend in time the effects of Macroliposuction, becoming an essential technique in the fight against obesity. The intragastric
lipogastricball prevents normal absorption of food; what happens is that feeling of fullness when eating.

The great success of our technique differs from other treatments at other clinics that perform precisely in that we do together and with local anesthesia, implementation and Macroliposuction gastric balloon, rather than a standard liposuction. Thanks to the expertise of our research team and anesthetist we have dedicated for years, we can say that we are the only ones who do it with local anesthesia and sedation. This avoids the serious complications that general anesthesia may occur in patients with obesity.

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