Among the best techniques to say goodbye to localised fat the lipolaser highlights. Many patients take advantage of the winter to perform this type of treatment because the post-operative is much more comfortable with colder temperatures and also when the summer arrives the patients have already recovered completely and they can go to the beach without having any visible scars.

In addition we neglect our diet and eat excessively during the Christmas season and this produces that we can gain some kilos and increase the fat of our body.

How is the lipolaser performed?

Unlike traditional liposuction in which fat cells are broken manually, the lipolaser uses the newest laser technology to liquefy fat cells without damaging other tissues. This fat is later extracted by introducing an extraction cannula through a small incision, which is positioned so that once cured it is not appreciated. The laser also contracts the surrounding tissues so that the flaccid skin tightens and the result is better.

Losing weight

The weeks after the lipolaser the patient should go to a specialist who does lymphatic drainage massages and if hi wish hi can combine it with pressotherapy so that the effects are seen before.

The patient will wear a compressive belt for two or three weeks so that the skin sticks earlier and better to the muscle.

The lipolaser is performed on an outpatient basis with local anaesthesia and relaxation, so that shortly after the treatment the patient can go home and the next day return to work.

Recovery is quick and very simple. The following weeks the patient will have several consultations with the specialist so that this has a control over the evolution and can give him the guidelines to follow.

So if you are clear that you want to eliminate that excess fat that bothers you, do not hesitate, lipolaser it’s simple and fast.

Request an appointment with us so that our specialists can provide you with personalised information completely free of charge.

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