The patient underwent gastric sleeve 3 years ago in another clinic.

The Unit Team of Obesity Clinic Advanced Germanias, led by Dr. Francisco Javier Martin Espinosa, has operated to the patient of 30 years old in the Quirón clinic, with the technique of Macroliposuction.

During the procedure it has removed 13.5 liters of fat spread throughout the body, equivalent to approximately 12 kg of weight. The patient measures 1.57 cm and weighed 97 kg.

In a month and a half, we can observe a result of 70%, about 10-15 kg less, which come to be some 4 or 5 sizes. In 6 months we can observe a
final result.
With a proper diet and medical indications, weight reduction can be converted into 25 kg-30 kg, staying in 67 kg approximately.

The Macroliposuction is a surgical procedure derived from liposuction. It is usually performed in patients with mild or moderate obesity.

Is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, through small incisions, which makes it a very interesting technique and effective to provide a new body contour.

Another female patient underwent also recently, he extracted 7.5 liters of fat, and part of it, underwent a remodeling of buttocks.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Martin Espinosa and his team have been perfected the technique of macroliposuction , turning it into a weapon more therapeutic for the treatment of obesity.

Today one of the techniques of first choice within the bariatric surgery, both by the team and patients.

Germanias & Royal Aesthetic Clinic has become a national and international reference point in the treatment of obesity.

If you think that macroliposuction or lipobanding is the solution for you, ask for your appointment today with the experts of the Royal Aesthetic Clinic. For more information about this and other treatments, such as mammoplastyfacial lifting or nose aesthetics, please visit their website and find them on social media.

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