The macroliposuction is one of the most developed techniques in the UOA (Advanced Obesity Unit) of Dr. Martín Espinosa with more than 20 years of experience and more than 500 macroliposuction performed alone or combined with other techniques for obesity such as: the intragastric balloon (lipogastric) or gastric band (lipobanding) are one of the techniques of choice in patients with obesity type I, II, III.

Macroliposuction is a surgical procedure that is usually carried out in patients with mild or moderate obesity.

On what is the procedure based?

With the macroliposuction procedure, it is possible to extract between 6 and 15 kg of fat. The procedure, being more complex, must be performed in the operating room of a hospital. Under the care of different highly qualified professionals.

Small incisions are made in certain areas of the body. And through them, fine cannulas will penetrate that will extract the fat from the different zones.

The results of the procedure are highly successful, and while the patient leads a healthy life, a good diet and the practice of periodic exercise, the results once the treatment is finished are usually permanent.

No physical efforts should be made during the two weeks following macroliposuction, and lymphatic drainage massages are advisable.

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