Plastic or aesthetic surgery refers to the one that covers all types of interventions, from body surgeries to facials. Among the facial techniques the most known are the liftings, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation or eyelid surgery, but there is also a very simple technique which corrects the position or shape of the chin to edit its outline in order to improve the profile of the patient. This intervention is the mentoplasty.

Patients who decide to undergo this intervention are those who want to change the size, position or shape of the chin to achieve the desired profile.

Mentoplasty, such as cosmetic or plastic surgery, is used to improve or enhance the appearance of patients through surgeries and treatments focused on both the prevention of ageing and the modification of areas of the body which the patient is not comfortable with.

During the mentoplasty the doctor places a prosthesis of biocompatible material on the chin of the patient.

This is introduced by making an incision or in the oral cavity, being completely invisible, or under the chin, depending on the morphology and characteristics of the patient.

The post-operative depends on which area the doctor decides to make the incision in. If it is in the oral cavity, the patient must be extremely hygienic for at least a week and use a rinse that the doctor would recommend. When the incision is made under the chin the suture is removed between 7 and 14 days after. Depending on the evolution of each patient.

After the surgery, the area is usually inflamated for at least 3 days, so the doctor will recommend analgesics and application of local cold.

It is not a painful intervention or a painful post-operative. The patient may feel some small discomfort of tightness until it normalises. After 3 or 4 days you can rejoin your usual life.

Mentoplasty in royal aesthetic

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