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Lipolaser is a type of liposuction within everyone’s reach.

Lipolaser consists on performing a liposuction with very small size of extraction cannulas similar to the thickness of a needle attached to the lipolysis laser. The lipolaser is carried out under local anesthesia and relaxation in order to achieve a faster recovery.

Sometimes the goal it’s not only to lose weight, but to remove the localized fat that sometimes gets fastened to some areas and doesn’t burn naturally.


We have to remember that the areas with most accumulation of fat are the reserves of our organism. If we have obesity the accumulations of fat are bigger. But if it is a small overweight the fat is more localized.

Through aging the localized fat is much difficult to eliminate. Men have got a bigger tendency to accumulate it in the abdominal area, flanks and back. Women tend to accumulate on hips, buttock, legs, flanks and sometimes also in the arms.



What does it consist of?

In Royal Aesthetic Clinic in Albir we use the light of the laser to obtain the lipolisis, which refers to destroy the deposits of fat on localized areas. The affinity of the laser for the fat causes that it destroys only fat, without destroying or affecting other tissues. Once the fat has been liquefied, we introduce a liposuction cannula to suction it. In addition to the destruction of adipose tissue, thanks to the lipolaser technique, the small vessels of adipose tissue are also coagulated and the creation of new collagen in the dermis is stimulated, causing a skin tightening effect.

Lipolaser Menlipolaser


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