The perfect nose for each face

Nose operations are the most performed for both men and women. In some cases, they are only carried out because of a health problem, as a deviation of the nasal septum can prevent correct breathing. But in most cases, aesthetics is the most important factor or it just adds to the improvement of health.

The nose has a major role in the face and a high percentage of people claim not to be happy with theirs. However, the concept of a perfect nose has changed a lot in recent years, and those tiny noses and bumps so fashionable in the middle of last century have given way to noses that look much more natural. It is more about correcting and improving than making radical changes, at least in most cases.

Some people make their first visit to a cosmetic surgery clinic because they do not like their nose. They want to have a rhinoplasty and come with a photo of the perfect nose. Just like many go to the hairdresser with a photo of the haircut they want.

In both cases the answer is the same, you have to take into account the base from which it is part, and also have to take into account all of the face as a whole. It´s impossible to do some hairstyles because of hair type or because they just don’t look right. With the nose, it is still more important to get it right first-time round, because once operated there is no going back.

The nose should fit in with the rest of the face, and it is important to take into account some important aspects. There are no noses to the letter, it is impossible to transform a person’s nose into any other nose, and the surgeon must be able to explain this to the patient.

One of the first missions of the surgeon will be to find, along with the patient, the perfect nose, which does not have to match perfect model noses of other people or other faces.

It may be discovered that it is not even necessary to perform a rhinoplasty, because the nose can be corrected by rhinomodeling techniques, capable of correcting small nasal defects such as being over pointed or even touching up the general shape of the nose, but without touching the nasal septum.

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