Sclerotherapy with polidocanol micro-foam is a procedure to remove varicose veins anywhere on the body, hemorroides and also spider veins. By injecting this foam directly into the affected veins, great results are achieved.

Spider veins are very difficult to eliminate with very few effective methods to deal with them. While already formed varicose veins can be operated on and can even be removed in some cases, spider veins cannot, which until recently was a serious problem for many women.

It just happens that spider veins are considered a minor problem from a medical point of view, but not from an aesthetic point of view, being a very serious problem for the women who suffer from them, who in many cases must always wear trousers or thick stockings.

Sclerotherapy has proven to be the most effective method to eradicate these spider veins that have been such a headache for so many women, especially in the summer when you feel like exposing your legs to the openair and enjoying the sun.

Advantages of sclerotherapy with polidocanol micro-foam

This technique has very clear advantages over other techniques in combating varicose veins:

  • It is very safe. Although it is a novel procedure, everything used has been more than proven. Polydocanol, for example, has been used for more than forty years.
  • It does not require surgery. This technique does not require patient entry into the operating room, which can lower prices and reduce the risks involved in an operation.
  • You do not need general anaesthesia. The intervention is carried out under local anaesthesia, which makes everything much safer for the person being operated on.
  • The recovery is very fast. Local anaesthesia does not involve the recovery of general anaesthesia, and the patient can return to their normal life very quickly, following, of course, the doctor’s orders.

As hospitalization is not required, many people are encouraged to carry out this technique to combat varicose and spider veins, with the knowing that they will be at home the very same day, and will not need time off work. This is practically so in all cases, unless they have a very specific job that prevents them from carrying out the simple orders given by the doctor once they go home.

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