The cheekbones are one of the fractions that can give more personality to a woman’s face. In older patients, the cheekbones increase can intensify the look of the eyes, especially in cases in which the patient has sunken eyes.

Having underdeveloped cheekbones can cause other features to appear harder or more prominent and creates an aesthetic imbalance. In addition, thanks to the cheekbones increase, you can correct birth defects or defects caused by an injury.

cheek increase with lipotransferThe cheekbones increase by lipotransference is a simple surgery. First, the fat is extracted from the patient, being the abdomen one of the most used areas for that, since it is an area rich in stem cells which reproduces more easily. This fat is treated by a centrifugation machine to obtain the fatty tissue that is going to be injected into the cheekbones.

The cheekbones increase can be done in several ways, but in Royal Aesthetic Clinic we mainly recommend the lipotransfer with autogenous fat.

The autogenous fat and its benefits for the cheekbones increase.

The autogenous fat is the fat that is extracted from the same patient. With its use it has been discovered that besides serving to increase the volume or to mold certain parts of our body it is also full of growth factors. These growth factors improve the texture of the skin, attenuate spots and small vascular lesions and is even used to improve dark circles.

This technique has a very short duration and it is performed under local anesthesia, in some cases for the patient’s convenience a small sedation can also be performed but it is not strictly necessary. The recovery is very fast since the area deflates a few days later.

In some occasions it is possible to combine this surgery with others such as the profiloplasty, bichectomy or facelift.cheek increase with fat

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