One of the most common aesthetic problems among men is adipomastia (pseudoginecomastia). Adipomastia is the hypertrophy of male breasts, it can be caused by hormonal problems in the wake of adolescence, by the use of some medications or by the use of steroids or anabolics to increase body mass, which over time can produce that a volume of unwanted fat accumulates in the chest and therefore many patients decide to undergo a gynecomastia, that is to say reduction of chest in men.

Gynecomastia is also the hypertrophy of male breasts by the abnormal growth of the mammary gland, which, like adipomastia, may be produced due to hormonal problems caused by adolescence or the use of medications. It can be symmetric or asymmetric and it can also have fat in addition to the mammary tissue as in adipomastia cases.

These two cases are one of the most consulted today by men, who are worried or embarrassed to have their breasts looking this way.

How is a reduction of chest in men performed?

the reduction of chest in men

The reduction of chest in men in the case of adipomastia, being an excess of fat, can be performed with liposuction, to eliminate the fat, either hydrolipoclasia, lipolaser or any other technique.

In gynecomastia, the mammary gland is extracted by making a small incision under the areola.

In the cases in which the patient has a mammary gland larger than normal and fat, both techniques can be combined to achieve a perfect result.

Either of the two techniques and the combined one can be performed under local anesthesia and relaxation without the need for general anesthesia.

How is the post operative?

After the intervention (either liposuction or gland extraction) the patient should wear a compression girdle or waistcoat for a month, so that the skin scar tissue gets stuck to the muscle and does not remain flaccid. In addition, the doctor may recommend performing manual lymphatic drainage massage and / or pressotherapy.

The patient will not be able to perform impact sports or pectoral exercises for a few weeks.

As always, we remind you of the importance of talking about your doubts with a professional before deciding to perform surgery.
If you want to go to a consultation with a specialist to have a study and recognition done, do not hesitate to contact us, the first consultation is completely free.

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