The Face Lift has been used along the years and thanks to that it has been evolving and new techniques has been developed to obtain similar results. Some techniques are permanent and some others are temporary.
All these techniques focus on stretching the skin and muscles of the face to be able to restore the face to the shape it had a few years ago.

This surgery is recommended for people over 40 years. Before this age in most of the cases the flaccidity it’s not enough to need a lifting.

As ageing can be caused by many different factors and due to it there are also different ways to attack the symptoms of it. There is a surgical technique but there are also less invasive techniques, also known as lifing without surgery.

Benefits of the face lift

The ageing of the skin can be caused by many factors, such as genetic, environmental, health or alimentation.

The face lift provides a complete facial rejuvenation, eliminates flaccidity and wrinkles, redistributes the fat of the face, improves expression in features such as the cheekbones or smile.

The most used techniques to perform the face lift.

As we have mentioned, there are techniques without surgery and with surgery. All the face lift techniques are used for the same purposes, the surgical procedure offers deeper and more lasting results while the liftings without surgery provide very good results but the effects are not permanent.

The selection of the technique for each case has to be done with the help of a professional, since he / she will be able to tell you according your case what effects you could obtain with one technique or another. At Royal Aesthetic Clinic we offer you the first consultation for free so that you can consult with the Doctor all your doubts.

Non-surgical techniques.

The face lifts without surgery are currently the most demanded. These are very simple interventions which do not require a complex surgery. These interventions are performed on an outpatient basis, in some cases the use of anaesthesia is not necessary and in others they are performed under local anaesthesia.

face liftIn Royal Aesthetic Clinic, depending on the case of each patient and the flaccidity he/she has our doctor can recommend from facial mesotherapy, dermal fillers, tread lift, magic lifting or Martin’s minilifting (technique developed by our doctor)

The surgical face lift.

This is the technique that has been used for more years and has been evolving with it. This technique is recommended by the Sociedad Española de Cirugía and the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons.

Using this technique we can rejuvenate the face several years in a single intervention and the results are permanent. Depending on the case, it can be performed in the hospital or in our private clinic, thanks to Dr. Martín’s more than 20 years of experience. In both cases it is done with local anaesthesia and sedation.

During the post-operatory the patient can feel discomfort, tightness and discomfort, but after two weeks these symptoms disappear.

It is possible to combine the face lift with other techniques.

The face lift can be combined with dermal fillers, cheek augmentation, eyelid surgery and brow lift, as in some cases there is also flaccidity on the eyelids or forehead and with this techniques that would disappear.

In most of the cases these surgeries can be performed at the same intervention as the face lift.

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