After having seen many failed diets and slimming methods we have discovered the Lipodiet Method, a new way to lose not only weight, but also localized fat and reduce cellulite. And the best thing is that it is a varied and natural diet accompanied by a supplement of amino acids of high biological value that do not substitute any food.

¿What is the Lipodiet Method?

Losing weight

The Lipodiet is a new method for loosing weight in a healthy, safe and effective way.

The diference between the Lipodiet Method and other slimming methods is that besides loosing weight it also markedly reduces localized fat and cellulite, which is why it has been considered an alimentary liposuction.

This method lasts for 21 days and is totally safe. It is about carrying out a healthy diet based on natural vegetables and greens complemented by the supplements indicated for each individual case and always performed under strict medical control.


Overweight and localized fat are not simply an aesthetic issue but it also directly influences the health of people who suffer them. This is why it is very important that the slimming treatments are performed under supervision and medical control. Which is always done during the Lipodiet Method.

Since the diet is based on a varied alimentation rich in vegetables and proteins, complemented with the supplementation based on amino acids of high biological value it quickly produces a loss of weight but in a healthy and safe way.healthy alimentation

This diet in addition to being very varied it is also abundant and produces that the patient does not go hungry and therefore he does not suffer from anxiety during the diet.

With the Lipodiet method, meals are not substituted, as we have mentioned it is a diet rich in vegetables and proteins. This offers the possibility for patients to go to eat at a restaurant without having to worry about their diet.

Furthermore producing a weight loss it also eliminates localized fat and improves cellulite preventing the future formation of the same, without the need to do a liposuction. In addition this method does not cause flaccidity, the weight is almost completely lost from the fatty tissue keeping the muscles in the same state.

Unlike many other diets and methods the Lipodiet does not produce rebound effect, even if the patient does not perform the proper maintenance the weight is not recovered suddenly as in diets that produce fluid loss and muscle mass loss.

Each patient receives a totally customized program adapted to each case, adapting to both the tastes and the needs of each one.

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