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Get the perfect body: get rid off localized fat.

Perhaps your definition of the perfect body changes once you have reached the goal of having the healthy weight recommended by a doctor. After slimming you have to give the body some time to settle and recover, since when losing a few pounds it is quite normal that the skin can sag or there are areas that are not firm enough.
But it can also be the case that in some parts of the body fat will resist in disappearing. These are problem areas in which fat accumulates in a special way and prevents the body from taking the form that it should, even at a healthy weight. For this there are also different options at the Royal Aesthetic Clinic. The first is to use a liposculpture for eliminating the fat located in those more conflictive areas .

But in addition to performing this intervention, others can be carried out to improve body parts most affected by weight loss, such as abdominoplasty or even breast surgery to correct breasts that drop due to fat loss, or that simply just become too small for the body.

The perfect body needs maintaining

Such interventions help a person get their ideal weight as well as a more beautiful body, and without the marks that weight loss usually leaves, which sometimes cause as many complexes as the weight problem itself.

After achieving ones perfect body, that is the objective after all, it’s all about keeping it up. For this it is necessary to follow the guidelines marked out by the endocrine, who will recommend the best way for people to eat, as well as “health permitting” different exercise guidelines.

It is important to always set realistic goals, and not to think that cosmetic surgery is going to make unreal bodies like those seen in many magazines, which are the fruit of Photoshop.

When losing weight it is quite normal that marks are left on the skin, such as stretch marks, which, although they can be attenuated by aesthetic techniques, do not disappear completely from the skin. It is also important to take into account that if the maintenance guidelines are not followed, any lost weight can be put back on, and with this the body would undergo another abrupt change that would be harmful at both aesthetic and health levels.



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