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The thread lift is a very effective way to eliminate sagging face and neck technique. With the application of Suitables threads or clamping, we delay the aging caused by sagging.

thread lift

Thread lift, These yarns imported and developed by Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze, who collaborated with the Royal Aesthetic Clinic, have led to the great revolution in the forefront of the facelift for outstanding results without going under the knife and a quick way.

The term “SUITABLES” originates from the complete name of the technique invented in Russia by this doctor: anti-ptosis (anti-fall). The great contribution of Dr. Sulamanidze (“stretching the skin with a strand”), is assuming a great revolution and progress in aesthetic medicine Royal Aesthetic Clinic being one of the most advanced and most experienced in this type of treatment clinics. Suitables threads, also known as Russian threads, get reaffirm the skin getting spectacular results, with a milder facelift surgery with thread lift.

Most interventions are carried out in consultation and with local anesthesia, according to the treatment area (cheekbones, face, neck, eyebrows …). Depending on the patient’s age and the degree of sagging sometimes you need to do a little surgery to remove excess skin, which in most cases is done under local anesthesia with or without sedation.

Facial Proportions Matter

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Ageing With Dignity

Ageing with dignity Ageing is just part of the process of being human. Ageing is inevitable, and it is good to assume that with the passing of time the body changes and is transformed. But to assume that the passage of the time does not have to mean resignation. Some...

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The Perfect Nose For Each Face.

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