If you ask yourself what is the relationship between tobacco and plastic surgery, you may be surprised to discover how much it can influence it. Both in the processes of premature aging, that can lead to a person needing an intervention earlier than would correspond to their age, and as post-intervention recovery.

Tobacco and Premature Aging

Though tobacco is bad for the health, it is something that nobody questions at this point in time. We know enough so that no one can disapprove of it, but apart from that, it also has aesthetic consequences.

Tobacco causes premature aging of the skin and tissues. And this is something that plastic surgeons know very well. So much so, that most can differentiate without too much effort the face of a smoker to non-smoker.

By smoking we are introducing into our body nicotine and high levels of carbon monoxide. Both factors contribute, each one in its ominous way, to the process of incorrect oxygenation of the blood.

If the correct amount of oxygen does not reach the skin, free radicals will not be destroyed, and premature aging will occur. This results in reduced elasticity, and the dreaded wrinkles will begin to appear before time, and in addition the sagging of facial tissue will accelerate.

Tobacco also reduces levels of vitamin A, a basic vitamin for the skin and for its regeneration. So in addition to causing damage, you will be preventing the skin from being able to defend itself from these aggressions correctly.

As minor damage, we can also add that sucking on the cigarette will wrinkle the lips. By not having a correct regeneration of the skin and making it age prematurely, these wrinkles will be marked more quickly and the so-called bar codes will appear on the face.

Tobacco and post-operative recovery

All these harmful effects of tobacco also influence the operation. That’s why many surgeons are asking smokers to reduce tobacco use as much as possible before and after the operation.

Smoking significantly increases the risks of infection or respiratory problems, and also causes the risk of poor healing to multiply by three, depending on the amount of tobacco consumed.


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