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The tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery performed on the abdominal area designed to get a firm, flat belly and a narrower waist.

The tummy tuck is not an operation to lose weight, but to remove abdominal sagging caused by heavy loss of weight and fat, strains, hernias or consequences of pregnancy. Thus, this technique can be removed stretch marks and scars from operations (appendicitis, cesarean section …).

The intervention therefore is especially useful for women who, after one or more pregnancies, have suffered stretch your abdominal muscles and stretch marks, and in the case of older patients who, despite having little or no overweight, have suffered the loss of elasticity of your skin.

tummy tuck

An incision which extends over the pubic line, whose length varies with the amount of skin being treated is carried over. The resulting scar is barely visible, being concealed between the natural folds of the body.

We perform this procedure under local anesthetic and sedation. No need to leave and thus drains postoperative milder.

After intervention is advisable to rest for at least a week, but it is advisable to move the legs as soon as possible and walk slowly. It is important however, make no physical or sport over a month efforts.

Will the medical team from our clinic who will be monitoring your progress and indicate the patient rhythm that can lead at any time to join an absolutely normal life after about four weeks.


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